Villas At Puncak bogor

Villas At Puncak bogor,  ( Villa Di Puncak ) is a 3-star hotel in the area of ​​Puncak (The star rating is based on the oline booking sites internationally famous of and With a 2-storey building, this hotel is ready to serve you with a variety of facilities. As the rooms are clean and comfortable. Secure parking. And services that can serve your reservation by phone, online, or you can come directly to this property.

Peak region is never empty of visitors. Especially during the holidays. Most visitors come from areas of the capital Jakarta, who want to unwind for a moment of busy work. With a capacity of visitors terbatap, not infrequently hotel located in Cisarua, this peak, ran out the room. So, for those of you who are interested to spend the night in this hotel, it helps you make reservations in advance.
Some fasilias are available at this hotel

The hotel building is designed with the concept of minimalist midern. Which consists of 27 hotel rooms, complete with refrigeration facilities and bathroom. As for the towels, soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste are prepared for you. In the room there is a bed and a sofa, along with Tv.

Hotel Naratas Peak has 2 room type options. Namely, the type of deluxe and superior. All of its guaranteed clean, and maintained forget. The front desk is open 24 hours, to serve the visitors who wish to stay overnight. There is also a lobby which is equipped with a comfortable sofa. Free internet service (wifi), you can enjoy in the lobby area, 24 hours.

Accommodation, Regarding Rates Hotel Naratas Peak
Do not have to be expensive to be able to enjoy an evening at the peak. In this hotel you can take a vacation with sloping rates. To enjoy the lowest rates, you can come on a regular day (weekdays). Mulsi rate of 190 thousand dollars, for a deluxe room type. And 300 thousand dollars for a hotel room with a superior type. The price termaduk breakfast facility for a maximum of 2 persons per room her. Hotel rates may change. Especially on weekends, and holidays. But you need not worry. The price is still relatively comfortable dtawarkan dikantong. It fits to the back packer, or you are having a certain budget for holiday
Various tourist attractions are not far from this accommodation. At her you do not need time to just explore bantak 2 or 3 places at once in a day. Semus attractions daoat you achieve less than 30 minutes from the hotel. From the start of the safari park, theme parks sun, until the top of the pass. Of course, if the streets were jammed. .
Hotel Naratas Peak also provide on-site restaurant. You can enjoy lunch or dinner at this restaurant. You can order food to be delivered to the room. Friendliness of the waiters and hotel personnel, will accompany you while in this hotel.
<B> Location and Contact Information Naratas Hotel </ b>.
Full address Naratas hotel is located in Jalan Raya Puncak KM 79, 16750 Cisarua Bogor, West Java – Indonesia.
Phone Number Naratas Peak Hotel is 0251-8255581 and 0251-8250414 Fax.
You can make reservations or in asking out more about this hotel through the official contact numbers listed

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